My passion for motorcycles stems from my early years, and we at Moto75 still can’t believe that this a dream is coming true…

It has been a long and dusty road, I mean A LOT of dust, with a lot of changes, and a sh*t load of challenges…but!!! There have been a lot of amazing ideas,satisfaction, and overwhelming support , and incredible energies, which have brought this project to grow exponecially. In some aspects, the difference between my initial vision at the outset, and what is now ‘more than ‘JUST a motorcycle shop’, are vast.

We at Moto75, are amazed and extremely proud to bring you our journey, which has lead to our doors openining on the 3 rd of December. We see this project more as a journey, than a destination, full of cool and unexpected experiences! We wanna take you on this journey with us, of how 75 Rose Street, in the heart of Cape Town, is fast becoming our new home!

Driven by passion and the amazing connections between human beings, all passionate about anything with 2 wheels.

Welcome to our home.

(November 21 st , The big cheese)


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