Summer days are the most amazing days to spend on a motorbike, and sometimes your own backyard can be put on the back burner for more adventurous or international destinations.

In Cape Town even a small stroll can bring many surprises: the Mother City is famous for having unbelievable hidden treaures, with so many stunning little stops to create lingering memories, that lie just around the bend from your home.

I know you have already thought of at least two personal favourite spots, that you would love to share with your fellow bikers. However this blog is about my favourite spots, that tend to be those of the Director too. As you know, sharing is caring…so even if he might proclame them as ‘His Own”…I said it first and this is what WE would like to share with you.

“It’s a Sunday morning, the sun is shining, and the bike is puuring outside. This is the perfect time to grab your jacket, helmet, gloves and a big grin, and hit the road” …we like coffee, I mean….REALLY like coffee. This is our favourite excuse actually, for short weekend rides, yet this coffee has something special . A recipe with all the right ingredients, for a nice 20 minutes break from your routine. Food trucks are all the rage right now, BUT when you find that little gem, that is not just any food truck, but a secluded coffee van…… planted quietly in a small parking lot, off the beaten path, underneath the 12 Apostles: a good coffee, a 180º view of the blue ocean and a nice cool breeze…

There is nothing fancy about this spot, except the view, but with all these ingredients, it truly is a special spot, and your bike will make the most comfy seat to enjoy all of this. That simplicity, is the best way to find a little happiness even in the smallest of things.

(November 25th, the Bla Bla Cheeck)


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